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5 Simple Ways You Can Retain The Best People

Have you ever heard of psychologist Abraham Maslow author of  the paper “A Theory of Human Motivation”?  His renown article was written way back in 1943 and has set the tone for matching needs with human motivation.  No doubt, you...
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Definition of a leader

What is the definition of a leader? The one that comes to mind for me is: “A leader is someone who inspires and motivates others to a common goal.” Now this definition tells you the most important thing that a...
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If you are a techie, it’s time to geek out to Star Wars: The Force Awakens

First of all, sit down, and grab a deep breath. Good, good. Now look at the picture below… Google now supports my Star Wars addiction by allowing you to customize your experience in preparation of the new Star Wars movie....
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It’s about time…

All, For those of you with massive calendars and never have time, keep reading. This morning I reviewed everyone’s calendar at work.  Most of us had lots of meetings throughout the day.  What I did not see what alot of...
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How to run an effective meeting

Running an effective meeting might seem obvious, but there are so many meetings I have attended that are ineffective.  Quite frankly, this is a pretty boring topic, but preparation is everything in whatever industry you are in, so it’s best...
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Game on!

When our Chief Technology Officer John Higginson, asked during a meeting if someone could run a NERF game, my hand sheepishly went up. “I’ll do it,” I said. Though I can honestly say at that point in time, I had...
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